Aluminum Product Stop for Shelving

Aluminum Back Product Stop allows complete flexibility to adjust the depth of product stop with the screw and wing nut secure system. This Aluminum Product Stop fits AirShelves, CTM and ThinLine Shelving by AirFlo.

Designed 6" tall to match the height of 6" side fences for AirShelf and ThinLine to create a clean box of storage for the product. This allows merchandisers to have the pack out they need with product supported. Creates a complete back stop to build high profiles on AirFlo shelving.

By utilizing a product stop you are able to merchandise the fresh display that maximizes the visual appeal making the display always looking full, enabling the customer to select your product with ease. Product stop can be set forward into the case ensuring displayed merchandise is front facing and always available for selection.

Constructed of anodized aluminum, same material as our AirShelf to withstand misted or wet sections, while also allowing airflow to your product.

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000000579 / 250360 22.75"W x 6H, 19.75"- 20" Mount Range Product Stop, Aluminum Black
000000581 / 250364 10.75"W x 6H, 19.75"- 20" Mount Range Product Stop, Aluminum Black



Replacement Nylon Screw & Nut Set

Dairy & Frozen/ Deli/ Floral/ Meat & Seafood/ Produce

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