Variety or Root Section Merchandising

Curved front bins can be added to shelves or vertical racks to provide product separation as well as provide additional visual interest. The bin is designed with an indentation on the front underside to prevent the bin from sliding forwards or backwards while resting on top of a shelf fence. In the same manner, the bins can be placed on top of a basket divider on a vertical rack solution.

Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 4 X563042301P 4"H x 24"W Clear 3/16" Petg Solid Rack Front Fence
2 4 X3207CEB Flex Flat Rack
4 10 C4C21 21"D x 48"W CriticalTemp Shelf
5 40 X9962B 12"W x 19"D Curved Front Bin
3 2 250211 1" Universal Rack Mounting Bar Kit

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