Organic Signage

Retailers who present their product offerings in a unique and compelling way have a distinct advantage over competitors. Create a strong, distinguished ORGANIC presence to maximize organic sales with AirFlo's ORGANIC fences, overhead signage and more!

Highlight your ORGANIC section with custom engraving which allows for a highly visible, effective yet clean look to distinguish a particular area. Whether signing for organics, specialty cheese, seafood, poultry etc. you can cleanly defines these areas. We will customer engrave for all your departments. 

Consult an AirFlo customer service representative at 1-800-999-9399.

Link to additional ORGANIC fence options Carlson AirFlo, a world leader in creating merchandising solutions that maximizes product appeal and boost bottom line profits, announces the launch and manufacturing of its NEW ORGANIC Fence Line. This ORGANIC fence line is an outstanding solution in response to the market’s high demand for ORGANIC produce.

Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 4 X3207CEB Flex Flat Rack
2 8 56035242 Salad Bin, Aluminum 12'W x 22"D x 10"H with Organic Removable Front
3 1 X59SSF48 48"W x 48"H Sigma Series Frame and Brackets
4 4 C4A19 48"W x 19"D AirBar Mount, 2" front and side Fences & Alignment Pin
5 8 C2B19 24"W x 19"D Sigma Series Frame Bar Mount, Baffles, front and side Fences & Alignment Pin
6 8 88017242 AirShelf, 2"H x 24"W Fluorescent Green "ORGANIC" Fence, Laser
7 4 88017442 AirShelf, 2"H x 48"W Fluorescent Green "ORGANIC" Fence, Laser
8 2 88018642 8"H x 3"D x 48"W Fluorescent Green ORGANIC Laser Engraved Canopy Signage with magnets to secure

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