Mobile Floral Grid Display

AirFlo's NEW Mobile Grid Display for Floral and Produce is designed to display and move product. Showcase a lot of product in a small space makes this Grid Wall extremely profitable. Build creative displays that get noticed throughout the year with the ability to re-merchandise for all seasons, holidays and special occasions.

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  • Increase Floral Sales:  Capture more impulse sales by statigically placing in high traffic areas such as checkout lanes, vestibules and promotional areas.
  • Build Creative Displays:  Several accessory options available to build creative displays that get noticed. Merchandise a variety of products such as bouquets, potted plants, hanging plants, wreaths, and floral arrangements.
  • Move More Product:  Grid Wall Display is designed to move product while taking up minimal floor space.
  • Extremely Profitable:  Showcase a lot of product in a small space. Easily display 24+ floral buckets on a 2' deep display.
  • Additional Footage:  Adds additional footage to merchandising space more than regular nesting tables.
  • Flexible Merchandising Options:  Display may be freestanding or mounted on wall.
Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 1 78016029 Freestanding Floral Grid Wall - 45.25"W x 24"D x 59"T
2 1 97021329 Floral Cone Holder
3 1 99024337 Floral Cone Galvanized Steel Finish - 6.5" Diameter top x 4.38 Diameter Bottom x 15.75" Tall
4 1 97021529 12" Grid Wall Peghook
5 1 97021629 6" Grid Wall Peghook
6 1 59052429 Floral Grid Shelf - 12" x 22"

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