Mobile Floral Grid Display

A very versatile display that adapts to your changing product line with the ever changing promotions/seasons. Increase sales by capturing more impulse sales. Strategically placing ih high traffic areas such as checkout lanes, vestibules and promotional areas throughout the store. Build creative displays for a fantastic merchandising display that is centralized for special occasions, holidays and impulse sales. Additional footage added to merchandising space compared to typical nesting tables, while taking up minimal, valuable floor space.

Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 1 78016029 Freestanding Floral Grid Wall - 45.25"W x 24"D x 59"T
2 12 97021329 Floral Cone Holder
3 12 99024337 Floral Cone Galvanized Steel Finish - 6.5" Diameter top x 4.38 Diameter Bottom x 15.75" Tall
4 40 97021629 6" Grid Wall Peghook

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