CD0032 - CTM Shelving

Critical Temp™ Shelving

Carlson AirFlo's signature CTM shelves are still a hard act to follow. Made of anodized aluminum makes these Critical Temp™ Shelves cold-enhancing aluminum, perfect for critical temperature merchandising, including misted sections.

Light weight yet strong construction, making installation effortless. Aluminum is one of the best conductors of temperature, by drawing out and dissipating heat quicker then steel.

Critical Temp shelving is available with straight or curved front. Both styles of shelving adapt to standards in any case, making installation simple.


Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 4 X3207CEB Flex Flat Rack
2 2 250211 1" Universal Rack Mounting Bar Kit
3 2 C4D13 13" x 17" x 48"W Curved CTM Shelf
4 2 R10446 2"H x 48"W Clear Plastic Front Shelf Fence
5 3 42014643 4x4x14.25" RS Shelf Divider
6 2 C4C13 13"D x 48"W CriticalTemp Shelf

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