CD0029 - Vertical Rack with Basket Dividers

Fantastic way to create that Vertical look with less inventory. Using Carlson AirFlo's Vertical Merchandiser allows you to bring your product to the front of the case for customers to access. Our Basket Dividers create horizontal shelving to place product quickly for display and restocking. Anodized aluminum does not rust, peel or flake and cleans with a mild soap and hot water. 

Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 6 X3207CEB Flex Flat Rack
2 3 X58MBVMH Rear Hang Mounting Bar Kit
3 6 X330F45AB 45" Flex Rear Hanging Vertical Merchandiser
4 24 X4321001B 10"D x 24"W Full Basket Divider with 90 degree Front

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