CD0026 - AirBar Self Facer System

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NEW! AirBar Self Facer System


Designed specifically to integrate seamlessly in to an existing merchandised system or completely transform an entire area cost effectively and efficiently.


  • Increases Product Facings:  Increases facings by 20% to 40%, increases SKUs by organizing and creating a specific area for package products, keeps products freshly faced and bountiful looking, and maximizes the retail space and pack out.
  • Reduce Shrink and Increase Profits:  You will reduce shrink and increase profits just by improving product rotation.
  • Increase Visual Impact: Better product rotation, and increased sales for pre-packaged salads and vegetables, bagged cheese, boxed or bagged frozen food products and trayed meat sections.
  • Cross Merchandising:  Many cross merchandising options available.
  • Flexible Merchandising:  Flexible merchandising with anodized aluminum shelving, peg hook design, ABS and acrylic bulk bins, baskets and adjustable self facers - both in width and depth.

All parts listed will fit in 48" standard cases, parts available for cases with 36" standards. Please consult an AirFlo customer service representative at 1-800-999-9399.

Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 2 X60PHPTB6B 6"D x48"W Price Tag Bar Kit
2 2 X60PHMBV6B 6"D 90 degree Case Wall Peg Mounting Kit
3 12 X60PH6B 6" Peg Hook
4 2 250149 Vacuum Formed Curved 4' Hanging Kit
5 2 59033701 Straight, Adjustable Cross Merchandising Shelf For AirBar
6 1 99017241 16"W x 13"D Acrylic Bin for AirBar/AirGrid System
7 6 250232 48"W x 16"D AirBar, Self Facer Baffle Kit
8 32 CEF17 17" ELITE, Specify Fence, Tension Spring, LED light, and standard paddle
9 4 X3207CEB Flex Flat Rack
10 6 25017221 AirBar Mounting Bar Kit

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