CD0022 - Vertical Rack with Dividers

Vertical Merchandising Racks produce a stunning visual effect by creating a massive presentation without using excessive display inventory that can be lost through shrink.

Creating spectacular displays for greater customer impact and encourages impulse purchasing. AirFlo's Vertical Merchandiser Rack allows you to create abundant looking presentations with minimal inventory.

Provides high impact, unique category management with vertical and horizontal divider options.

Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 6 X330SW13B Adj. Front Base with 13" Sawtooth Slide
2 6 X330F30B 30" Flex Vertical Merchandiser with Swing Arm
3 8 X4321001B 10"D x 24"W Full Basket Divider with 90 degree Front
4 8 X4310902B 9"D x 24"W Full Horizontal Divider, Perforated
5 8 X4341001B 10"/14"D Curved Front Basket Divider

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