CD0004 - Step Rack with CTM Shelves

Cd0004 1

Step Rack with CTM Shelves

Maximize refrigeration circulation for temperature critical product displays. AirFlo's perforated aluminum shelves do not inhibit air flow to the product. This reduces your energy usage to sustain temperatures within the case.

Line Item Quantity SKU Parts
1 6 X4310401B 4"D x 24"W Full Horizontal Divider, Solid
2 6 X563042303P 4"H x 24"W Notched Clear Perforated Fence
3 3 250211 1" Universal Rack Mounting Bar Kit
4 9 C4D15 15" x 19" x 48"W Curved CTM Shelf
5 6 X32F614CEB 6/14.5 Flex Clean-Edge One Step Rack

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