Pull Out PegHook with Herbs

AirFlo's Pull Out Peg Hook System makes restocking and front-facing easier and less time consumer, so retail employees can spend their time on additional tasks. Its smooth slide extension capabilities allow for fast and easy product loading. Fully merchandised and forward-facing stock helps generated increased sales. It's the competitive advantage you need when sales hang in the balance.

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Line Quantity SKU Dimensions Description
1 2 X3207CEB/000026787 27"L to 35"L Flex Flat Rack
2 2 C4C21 21"D x 48"W Case Mount, Straight CTM Shelf
3 2 75043341/000004151 21"D x 48"W 6 Facer, 10S 3(2.4)
4 2 97026921/000005120 11.5"D x 48"W Pull Out PegHook Mounting Bar
5 9 X60PHS9B/000027267 9"D Scanner PegHook
5 9 X60PHPTM2/000027261 2"W Price Tag Bar Kit

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