Create Drama and Distinction - CD0047

Create drama and distinction using different merchandising systems set next to each other as shown in this example. Contrasting the POD System set next to the Vertical Merchandising System defines the categories from each other.

Add a Category Divider between the sections creates stability for each section. Create a competitive advantage over your competition by creating unique, distinct merchandising sets while creating customer engagement and selection. We can help you get it done.

Line Quantity SKU Dimensions Description
1 3 C4C15 15"D x 48"W Case Mount, Straight CTM Shelving
2 3 R10446/000021609 3.5"H (2") x 48"W Clear Plastic Front Shelf Fence with slots & drain holes
3 3 X3207CEB/000026787 27"L to 35"L Flex Flat Rack
4 2 X330F30AB/000026807 30"H Flex Rear Hanging Vertical Merchandiser
5 1 X58MBVM4H/000027089 4"D x 48"W Vertical Hang Mounting Bar Kit
6 4 X4321001B/000026882 10"D x 24"W Full Basket Divider with 90 Degree Front
7 10 85012741/000004513 2.56"H x 5"L Double track PTM with Swivel Clamp
8 2 XXXX Case Specific Category Divider - Call for Quote
9 4 42040301/000001927 10"W - 74° Perforated Basket Divider with PTM
10 2 250532/000000702 40" 5 Tier with ten Half Moon 9/17 POD Kit & Baffles

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