ORGANIC Quarter POD Fences

The POD Shelf Fit in Fence for Quarter Moon POD Shelves is a great way to help retain larger products on a POD shelf while not interfering with the display itself. The fit in fence is only compatible with 5/13 Quarter Moon PODs or 9/17 Quarter Moon PODs. Installation is a breeze, simply place the fit in fence in the POD shelf before merchandising.


  • Compatible with 5/13 Quarter Moon PODs or 9/17 Quarter Moon POD only
  • Available in both 3.5"H


  • Fluorescent green food grade plastic construction with engraved lettering
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SKU Description
000026946 / X55993042 3.5"H 5/13 Quarter POD Fence, ORGANIC Green, fit-in Fence
000026951 / X559931N 3.5"H 9/17 Quarter POD Fence, ORGANIC Green, Fit-in Fence

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