Overhead Banana Canopy Display

Banana Canopy Display designed above the rest!

Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems' Banana Canopy Display hangs your banana fruit over another merchandising display while using no linear footage in your department, other than for the base on floor. This Canopy base then allows dry tables to be positioned over the base, using no additional floor space! Create a spectacular display for customers to take notice and encourage greater impulse purchasing.


  • Increase Sales:  Provide high impact, unique category management with bold statement. Attract more impulse sales than ever before.
  • Less Shrink:  Designed to display your bananas upright hanging from stems allowing air and ventilation around the fruit. This produces less shrink and bruising of product.
  • Reduce Labor Costs:  Because the bananas are hanging there is no cleaning of product.
  • Abundant Presentations:  Abundant presentations with minimal floor space. Holds approximately 120-130 bunches with 6" spacing between.
  • Easy to Shop:  Shop-able from all sides where customers can select fruit without disturbing the entire display.
  • Flexible Display Options:  Use as a low hanging fruit display over dry tables to merchandise along side with other tropical fruits.

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000004066 / 72011030 Banana Canopy, 72"W x 84"T x 96"L, 3 Tier, with quantity of 150 Hooks

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