10/10 One Piece Rack

The 10/10 Clean Edge One Piece Rack creates a massive vertical appearance with minimal product.


  • Full look with low inventory
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust-proof anodized finish
  • Perforated design eliminates the need for case liners and wire racking


  • All standard racks are 23.75" wide
  • This one piece rack pins into the front of the case and rests on a required mounting bar at rear of case
  • X3515CEB — 16.5" Rise X3715CEB — 16.5" Rise with Front Fence Holder
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000026815 / X3515CEB 10/10 One Piece
000026823 / X3715CEB 10/10 One Piece with Fence Holder

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