Peg Hooks

Use the AirFlo Merchandising Peg Hook with a Case Wall Mounting Kit or Rear Support Mounting Kit to add suspended merchandising peghooks to any refrigerated case display. Ideal for packaged cheese, processed meats and fresh herb clam shells.

Find out more on the benefits of using Carlson AirFlo merchandising systems.


  • Required mounting kits sold separately
  • Available standard lengths of 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12"
SKU Description Related System Page
X60PH4B 4" Peg Hook
X60PH6B 6" Peg Hook Related Systems
X60PH8B 8" Peg Hook Related Systems
X60PH10B 10" Peg Hook Related Systems
X60PH12B 12" Peg Hook