Living Lettuce Divider for Vertical

Living Lettuce Display for Vertical Rack

The living lettuce trend has grown with increased consumer desire for a healthier lifestyle. AirFlo's living lettuce displays helps retailers merchandise hydroponic products with the following benefits:

Find out more on the benefits of using Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems.


  • Enhance Food Safety:  Designed to contain refrigerated air around your living lettuce product. enales retailer to better control and maintain misting to the root bulb area.
  • Extend Shelf Life:  Ability to control misting to root area of living plant and not leaf area. This prevents wilting of leaf products.
  • Reduce Labor:  Cleaning is effortless with convenient product merchandising.
  • Stand Alone:  Allows ease of shopping for your customers' selection.
  • Multi Angle:  Multi-angled dividers allow you to customize your display.
  • American Made:   AirFlo's Hydroponic Dividers and Shelves are made in Brooklyn Park, MN.


SKU Description Related System Page
42057601 8 opening lettuce divider 24"W 2 stop for Vertical Rack with PTM and Gromments

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