Base Gravity Feed

AirFlo's Base Gravity Feed System is designed for large bottle items located in the base of refrigerated cases. AirFlo's Gravity Feed Surface is mounted directly ontop AirFlo's Base racks that are installed in the case with a downward slant toward the front.

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The mat provides a self feeding system so products are always front faced and always in a salable position for your customer. Mat fits AirFlo Flat Rack and can be trimmed for depth of case onsight.

  • Saving grocery stores labor in facing, and aids in product rotation.
  • Dividers are made of anodized aluminum same material as our flat racks so it will not chip, flake, rust or peel.


SKU Description Related System Page
P03174 24"W x 32"D Gravity Feed Surface Related Systems
42065621 4"T x 28"L slip under mat divider - made of anodized aluminum Related Systems

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