AirGrid Kit

AirGrid System for ELITE LED Facers

Self facing systems have proven to increase impulse sales of packaged goods. Using this AirGrid system cleans and organizes packaged products, creates a specific area for product, and maximizes the retail space and pack out. 

This system is idea for pre-packaged presentations achieving visual impact, faster product rotation, turnover and increase impulse sales. Areas include; pre-packaged salads and vegetables, bagged cheese, boxed or bagged frozen food products, trayed meat sections and FlexSpace floral line by AirFlo. Grids are available in 48"W with a height choice of 9"H, 13"H or 22"H.


SKU Description Related System Page
250171 48"W x 9"H AirGrid Kit Related Systems
250170 48"W x 13"H AirGrid Kit Related Systems
250169 48"W x 22"H AirGrid Kit Related Systems
250628 36"W x 9"H AirGrid Kit
250629 36"W x 13"H AirGrid Kit
250630 36"W x 22"H AirGrid Kit

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