AirBar Bulk Display Bins

Designed specifically to integrate seamlessly into an existing merchandising system or completely transform an entire area cost effectively and efficiently. The AirBar Bulk Display Bin is ideal for bulk presentations achieving visual impact, faster product rotation, turnover and increased impulse sales.

This AirBar Display Bins are installed with a universal bar designed to hang in any manufacturer's case directly or adapts to existing shelving in case. Create a single or multiple row merchandising presentation.

Rear Hanging Display Bin for AirBar System:

  • Great option to quickly integrate into AirBar Merchandising System. Cross merchandise bulk product with the AirBar Self Facer System, cross merchandising shelves and peg hook system for more options.
  • Easily remove one or more row(s) of existing shelves and add AirBar Merchandising system without disrupting the rest of your set.
  • Provide additional space for added produce & product categories
  • Reduce shrink by increased product rotation
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) Free
  • Create outstanding visual presentations of bulk produce
  • Offer limitless presentation opportunities for fresh produce
  • Single row kits are available in 4 foot increments

Learn how Carlson AirFlo can increase sales in your department.

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