11 Lane Self Facer Units

Eleven Lane Self Facers are an excellent solution for presenting herbs both in clam shells and tubes along with small and lightweight pre-packaged items. The Shelf Self Facer keeps the product at the front of the shelf to provide easy shopping and maintaining the always full look without requiring massive amounts of inventory. Allowing store personnel less time for restocking, and rotating product and more time with customers and other tasks.

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  • Fail safe stainless steel coil spring to keep product faced
  • Minimal inventory creates a continuous full look Heavy duty extruded plastic for dependability
  • Multiple sizes available for a variety of applications
  • Designed for easy shelf restocking
  • Keeps product faced at all times


  • Standard configuration with 11 lanes across 48" wide
  • Standard depth sizes are 13", 15", 17", 19", and 21"
  • Multiple depths, widths, number of facings and width of facings available with quick turnaround time
SKU Description Related System Page
75043641 11 Facer, 48” x 17”D,10S 3(2.4) Related Systems
75044241 10 Facer, 36" x 17"D,10S 3(2.4)

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