Vertical Racks

Originally designed for leafy greens, vegetables, specialties, and basket items, Carlson AirFlo's line of vertical merchandising allows you to build a "wall of produce" with a minimum of inventory.

This AirFlo system is designed to replace rust-prone wire flat racks, and adjusts to fit all major manufacturers' refrigerated wall cases. Adjustable horizontal and basket dividers clip directly to the vertical merchandising upright, making it easy to merchandise in many different ways.

AirFlo Vertical Racks:

  • Replace rust-prone wire racks
  • Eliminate need for messy case liner
  • Allow a "wall of produce" look without massive inventory
  • Provide unique category management options with divider options
  • Perforated, cold air conducting aluminum enhances refrigeration, which reduces shrink
  • 33% open area perforation stops debris from falling into case
  • Reduced labor to maintain sanitation standards

Understand how using Carlson AirFlo equipment can increase your profits.

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