Stepped Racks

Designed to merchandise at the mirror line, Carlson AirFlo Stepped Racks make one case of merchandise look like three. By reducing the amount of layering, you also reduce inventory and shrink. Choose from a variety of lip and height sizes to accommodate your fruit, vegetables, and pre-packaged items.

Double or triple step racks allow displays above the mirror line without the mess of extra boxes or matting. Multi-step racks easily allow merchandising of clamshells, or other small pre-packaged items such as pints of strawberries. Many Carlson AirFlo Stepped Racks are available in a roll-stop version which allows for easier stacking and a more stable presentation.

AirFlo perforated aluminum Stepped Racks are designed to replace rust-prone wire racks in wall and island cases. Also, with AirFlo Stepped Racks, you never need to use messy case liner which reduces out of pocket costs and labor associated with sanitation.

Stepped Racks are available in standard 23 3/4" widths using telescoping lengths to fit all major manufacturers' cases.

AirFlo Stepped Racks:

  • Replace rust-prone wire racks
  • Eliminate need for messy case liner
  • Will not rust, chip or peel, due to the anodized aluminum finish
  • Allow merchandising at or above the mirror line
  • Perforated, cold air conducting aluminum enhances refrigeration, which reduces shrink
  • 33% open area perforation stops debris from falling into case
  • Reduce labor for sanitation

Find out more on how Carlson AirFlo equipment can save your department in labor costs.

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