Self Facing

Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems offers an exceptional self facer design for mezzanine shelf merchandising. Each self facer is constructed from heavy duty extruded plastic material created specifically for the supermarket. They are designed in multiple sizes with a fail safe coil spring to provide the proper load for keeping your product at the front of the shelf where it belongs.

Self facers are an excellent solution for presenting pre-packaged salad displays or other regularly sizes prepackaged containers.They reduce the amount of inventory required to craete a full look on your mezzanine shelves.

AirFlo Self Facers:

  • Minimal inventory to create a full look, always faced at the front of the shelf
  • Heavy duty extruded plastic is easy to clean and durable
  • Multiple depths, widths, number of facings and width of facings available with quick turnaround time

Learn how Carlson AirFlo can help you reduce shrink in your department.

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