Glass Door Merchandising

Dramatic Energy Savings

Grocery stores spend a large protion of their energy dollars on refrigeration - more than 50% for a large store floorplan. Fresh departments can save money while providing a full, fresh, and inviting display using AirFlo equipment - now available for glass door applications!

  • Increase Sales 
    • Changing the visual look of your department has proven to increase sales dramatically.
  • Flexible Merchandising 
    • Carlson AirFlo Merchandising Systems include of anodized aluminum shelving, peg hooks, ABS and acrylic bulk bins, baskets, and adjustable self facers.
  • Abundant Look 
    • Achieve an abundant look using minimal inventory.
  • High Impact Merchandising
    • ​Allows creative and compelling visual product displays to drive incremental sales.
  • Increase SKU Variety
    • ​AirFlo systems organize packaged products, creating a specific area for products, and maximizes the retail space and pack out.
  • Improve Rotation
    • AirFlo systems allow for easy product rotation, resulting in reduced shrink and increased profits.

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