Flat Racks

Base Aluminum Flat Rack

Maximize your merchandising power with AirFlo's Flat Rack Collection. Our Flat racks provide a totally flat profile for merchandising any product, bulk or packaged and can also be used as a base rack with additional racks to build larger, more extensive displays.

AirFlo perforated aluminum flat racks are designed to replace rust-prone wire racks in wall and island cases. The AirFlo Flat Rack was built for strength and durability, and due to its perforated cold conducting aluminum construction, refrigeration and air flow is maximized. Also, with AirFlo Flat Racks, you never need to use messy case liner which reduces out of pocket costs and labor associated with sanitation.

  • Replace rust-prone wire racks
  • Eliminate need for messy case liner
  • Will not rust, chip or peel, due to the anodized aluminum finish
  • Perforated, cold air conducting aluminum enhances refrigeration, which reduces shrink
  • 33% open area perforation stops debris from falling into case
  • Reduce labor for sanitation

AirFlo Flat Racks:

Learn how Carlson AirFlo's merchandising systems can help maximize refrigeration circulation.

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