Filler Blocks

AirFlo multi-purposed perforated Filler Cubes and Xtra Steps dramatically reduce inventory and eliminate the need for cardboard, styrofoam or plastic dummies. Unlike cardboard, styrofoam, or other items wrapped in case liner, AirFlo's Filler Cubes do not block the circulation of cold air throughout the case. Maintaining sanitation standards with Perforated Filler Cubes is much easier as the units can simply be wiped clean with soap and water.

AirFlo Filler Cubes and Xtra Steps:

  • Better maintain sanitation levels by eliminating cardboard and plastic fillers and dummies
  • Eliminate need for messy case liner
  • Will not rust, chip or peel, due to the anodized aluminum finish
  • Perforated, cold air conducting aluminum enhances refrigeration, which reduces shrink

Understand how Carlson AirFlo can help you reduce shrink in your department.

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