AirFlo Benefits:

Increase Sales

Dramatically improving visual appearance. For here for a link to AirFlo's products.

  • Carlson AirFlo's anodized shelving and racking units will never rust, peel, chip or flake in refrigerated cases. Our unique dying technique physically becomes part of the aluminum at the molecular structure. In other words, it is not a coating, paint or layer that will peel, chip or flake off, as well as rust or corrode unlike other materials in misting or icing refrigerated units.
  • Merchandisers are able to create high impact, abundant looking refrigerated case displays using up to 50% less inventory.
  • By installing Carlson AirFlo's Merchandising Systems, your fresh merchandisers are able to eliminate case liners, providing a clean and sanitary environment.

Increase Profits

Reduce shrink using less inventory to build better, more abundant looking displays

  • Using less but looking like more! Our shelving and racking systems help manage inventory levels or turnover making it easier to rotate product, resulting in reduced shrink and increased profits.
  • Our unique design eliminates bruising or indenting from wire "stringers".

Save Labor Costs

Improve sanitation with faster, easier cleaning that can be done more frequently with soap and water.

  • Our shelving and racking units are specifically designed to put an end to the crevices where food debris collects.
  • AirFlo systems remove the ongoing need for case liners, thus eliminating bacteria breeding grounds and odors.
  • Shelving is perforated for drainage of water from misting, cleanliness, and increased air flow.

Maximize Refrigeration Circulation

For critical temperature merchandising

  • Aluminum is one of the best conductors of temperature, by drawing out and dissipating heat quicker than steel.
  • The open perforated pattern of AirFlo products allows for a more managed circulation of cold air, thus improving refrigeration and maximizing shelf life of your fresh products.

Design and Custom Services
  • Product design, prototyping, modification, custom-built, inventory management, and manufacturing.
  • Experience customer service representatives.
  • Design engineers with a thorough knowledge of refrigerated cases to assist in proper product application.
  • In-house manufacturing capabilities for quick turnaround in product creation, customization, or prototypes with shorter lead times and direct quality control.
  • National representatives conveniently located in every region of the United States to provide comprehensive help with all merchandising needs for your fresh departments.